Fund for D'Youville

What is The Fund for D’Youville?

The Fund for D’Youville is our annual giving campaign that helps bridge the gap between tuition revenue and total operating costs at the university.

Why should I make a gift to The Fund for D’Youville?

When you make a gift to The Fund for D’Youville, you are investing in our students and demonstrating your belief in the value of a D’Youville education! This year, gifts to the Fund for D'Youville are more important than ever, as they will help ensure the success of our new initiative of accelerated graduation and bonuses for select students who will fill critically needed roles as healthcare providers during the COVID-19 crisis. (See our news release).

What does The Fund for D’Youville support?

In addition to helping address this year's special programs, gifts to The Fund for D’Youville have the broadest impact on our students and campus - from increasing financial aid packages to upgrading classroom technology to providing academic and career services - so D’Youville can continue producing leaders who excel professionally and personally.

Can you give me more details?

One of the most critical ways The Fund for D’Youville helps students is through supporting financial aid and student scholarships. Last year alone, D’Youville awarded more than $16 million in scholarships to students, and 92 percent of our full-time undergraduates receive some type of need-based financial aid. We couldn’t do this without The Fund for D’Youville. In addition, The Fund for D’Youville helps support a slew of other campus programs and initiatives, such as:

  • HEOP, Upward Bound, and Say Yes Scholarships
  • Student support centers
  • Classroom renovations
  • New study spaces
  • Upgraded laboratory equipment
  • Improved clinical spaces
  • New and upgraded technology

But what if I want to just support my individual department?

The Fund for D’Youville supports ALL departments, so your major won’t lose out! BUT – if you want your department to get an extra “boost,” there’s a way to do that. When you make a gift on the Day of Giving, you will be able to vote for the department you think should receive Bonus Funds this year. $5,000 in extra funding will be split between the three departments that receive the most votes. So, make your gift, then encourage your classmates to give and vote, too!